In addition to our incredibly popular Conservatory Valet service,
we are pleased to be able to back this up with our Professional Blind Valet.

If you have blinds installed in your conservatory, manual or automatic, then you are probably well aware of the time consuming and strenuous task of cleaning them properly. At Fargil, we can relieve this monotonous task by offering our Complete Blind Valet service.

Not only will we remove all the dead flies that seem to ‘magically’ appear between the blinds and the roof, we remove all the fittings, thoroughly clean and restore the blinds, and clean and polish all the framework and surrounds. In short – we bring the blinds back to that ‘just new’ look!

Just think how much extra time you can spend in the garden whilst not having to be up that ladder cleaning blinds!

It’s cheaper than you think!
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